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 Teacher Wish List Manager

Tonya Mahan

Faith Lutheran Day School

Flower Mound, Texas

Updated 8/18/2021
baby dolls
Life size baby dolls with clothes
Barbie dolls
Barbie dolls and clothes are very popular
beads for dress up
Bead necklaces
Dress Up Clothes
Girls dress up clothes. I find lots of my things at the dollar store that the children love.
Dress Up Clothes
Boys dress up clothes. Nothing that is scary or goury. We do love to have the children dress up as different professional people.
Etch A Sketch
Love the Etch A Sketch
Eye glasses
I purchase them at the Dollar Store then I take the lens out and the children love them...
Lego sets with animals, dinosaurs etc. Nothing to scary or not appropriate for preK aged children
Light Table Blocks
We have a nice light table that the children love and I like to change out the things on it as we study different things in t
Lite Brite
The children at this age love to do patterns and all kinds of fun things and the Lite Brite is one of their favorite things.
Magna Doodle
Larger Magna Doodles as the children love to draw and practice their letters and numbers on these.
Melissa & Doug
I love Melissa and Doug food and toys for our classroom kitchen. We already have the pizza set and the cookie set.
mens neck ties
Both neck ties and bow ties..
Plant starter Kit
I love for the children to plant seeds and watch their seeds grow, dirt and plant starter kits are great. I will grab the see
Playdough Items
The children and I both love to play with Play Dough...Anything that looks fun for them would be amazing...
purses for dress up
Rotary Telephone
I love to have one in the classroom as the children have no idea what it is. LOL
small table clothe
We have a small round table in our room, it is 36" around, if you are great at the sewing machine a cute table clothes a
1set would be awesome.

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