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 Teacher Wish List Manager

How To Create and Manage a Wish List

For registered, logged-in wish list owners

  • Create and edit a wish list
    • Create an account and view your wish list
    • Add items to your list including item name, quantity and description
    • Mark wish list items as Granted when someone donates a classroom item
      • Shows item checked-off with a line through it
    • Wish lists can include up to 50 wish list items
    • Automatic Clean Up
      • In an effort to keep the Teacher Wish Lists website fresh, wish lists that have not been updated within 24 months are hidden from public view. To keep your wish list active just log in and update it a few times each year.
      • If your wish list is hidden simply log in and update any item to reactivate your list
  • Print your wish list
    • View your wish list formatted for printing. Print and post the printable version in your classroom, or share with parents and businesses.
  • Email your wish list
    • Email your wish list to classroom parents, local organizations and businesses through our email portal
  • Share your wish list
    • Share your wish list on Facebook and Twitter
    • Share your school and town wish lists on Facebook and Twitter
  • Get links to your wish list
    • Get a link to your own wishlist to share, and add it to your classroom web page
    • Sample: Teacher Wish List
    • Get a link to all wish lists for a school
    • Sample: School Wish List
    • Get a link to all wish lists for your town
    • Sample: Town Wish List

Account Admin

  • Edit your profile
    • Include a display name that will show on your public list in place of your first and last name
    • Include a title to clarify your role such as School Nurse, Math Department, or Teacher's Assistant
    • Specify which grade you teach
    • Update your school
  • Manage your account
    • Update your email address
    • Change your password
    • Close your account, delete your data
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