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 Teacher Wish List Manager

About Teacher Wish Lists .com

Teacher Wish Lists was established in 2005 to help teachers connect with donors to assist with unfulfilled classroom-related needs.

Teacher Wish Lists (TWL) provides the ability for teachers to create classroom wish lists and publicize them within their local communities. Classroom wish lists typically include items that teachers find helpful in promoting learning experiences or enhancing the classroom environment in general.

TWL is a free service, however teachers and their supporters are responsible for sharing wish lists to classroom families and the local community.

Inside teachers' wish list accounts we provide URLs for individual teacher wish lists, lists for all teachers in a given school, and lists for all teachers in a given town. Teachers and their supporters can share wish list URLs via email or social media to help promote donations of classroom items. Teachers can put links to their wish lists on their classroom web page, and schools can publicize school and town-wide teacher wish lists by including links on their web pages.

Teacher Wish Lists is sponsored by CalculatorSoup, LLC. We are not involved with the purchase or sale of wish list items.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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