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Houston, Texas

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Erica Arras
Math Teacher
Kipp Liberation - Grade: 5 - Houston, TX
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Erica Arras
Anchor Chart Paper 10 Anchor Charts are so important for visual guidanc! 
Baskets 10 To help with class organization 
Binders 300 Binders for organizational purposes 
Headphones 200 We have integrated blended learning, students need headphones. 
Pens 500 Any writing tools will be helpful. 
Miss Bolden
Anything helps- God Bless you!
Hsa - Grade: 4th Grade ELA/SS - Houston, TX
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Miss Bolden
dry erase pockets 1 5-10 reusable dry erase pockets ($19.99) Groupon 
Rolodex 2 For spelling/word Work at writing table and vocabulary words 
Rug 1 5x7 class rug for library area (neutral color) or mint blue/ green 
Rustic stool 1 Or an old white or tan stool I can sand down to look rustic or old 
Student agendas 44 Homework and spelling purposes ($169.40 each) 
Binder dividers 44 44 packs (2 classes) $1 each 
Board erasers 22  
Book boxes 22 For independent reading time ($22) IKEA 
Chair bags 15 For independent reading; need 15 more from Home Depot ($15) 
Clipboards 22 Student note taking on carpet ($22) dollar Tree 
Curtains 1  
Floor lamp 1  
Pencil sharpener   22 Small Individual and 1 large community pencil sharpener 
pocket chart 1 5 or 6 slot file folder pocket chart ($12) amazon 
student mailboxes 1 30 slot- used or sold on amazon ($34.99) 

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