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Allegan, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Mrs. Tammy Criger
West Ward Elementary School - Grade: 4 - Allegan, MI
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Clorox Wipes 5 Large tub of disinfecting wipes 
Colored Pencils 10 10 packs of Crayola colored pencils 
Crayola Markers 10 10 packs of Crayola markers 
Erasers 20 Pencil top erasers or block eraser packs 
iPad Air 5 Apple IPad Air 
IPad Gumdrop Case 5 Black soft protective case 
Kleenex 10 Puffs tissue boxes 
Paper Towel 1 6 pack paper towel 
Pencils 10 Packs of pencils 
Plastic cups 5 Packs of dixie cups 
Pocket Folders 20 Solid color, two pocket folder 
Snacks 20 Fruit snacks, pretzels, cheese & cracker packets etc. 
Spiral Notebook 20 Single subject, lined paper 
Student scissors 30 Small, student size scissors w/ plastic/rubber on handles 
Windex 2 2 bottles of Windex cleaner 
Ziplock baggies 1 Gallon size reclosable ziplock baggies, 1 box needed 
Ziplock baggies 1 Reclosable ziplock baggies, 1 quart size, 1 box needed 

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