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Des Moines, Iowa

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Mrs. LundyPerkins - Grade: Kindergarten - Des Moines, IA
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3M Magnet Tape 2 Rolls of 3M Flexible Magnetic Tape- has adhesive so it can be cut and affixed to project. 
Animal Crackers 30 Individual bags of animal crackers, enough for 30 kids 
Colored Pencils 20 Crayola 12 Ct Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors 
Crayola MC pencils 10 These pencils let children color expressive multicultural skin tones and shades. Set of 8. 
Dry Erase Markers 90 Expo chisel tip, various colors 
Fruit Snacks 30 Individual bags of fruit snacks, enough for 30 kids. 
Goldfish Crackers 30 Individual bags of Goldfish Cheese crackers, enough for 30 kids 
Hand Sanitizer 2 One Liter bottles, Purell hand sanitizer, pump 
Juice pouches 30 Individual juice pouches, enough for 30 kids. 
Puffs Basic Tissues 20 Box of 180 Puffs Basic Facial Tissues 
Sharpie Perm. Color 2 Contains 24 markers- colorful variety pack of permanent Sharpie markers. 
Spiral Notebooks 30 One subject, any rule, any color cover 
Sticky Notes 5 3x3 Post-It Notes- Colors 

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