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Nancy Lumbert, MS/HS Library

School: Gobles High School
Gobles, Michigan

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  Item Qty Description
Bass, Guy 1 The Beast of Grubber's Nubbin 
Bass, Guy 1 The Monster HUnter 
Bergin, Virginia 1 Who Runs the World? 
Bialik, Mayim 1 Girling Up 
Black, Jonah 1 Faster, Faster, Faster 
Bracken, Alexandra 1 Never Fade 
Bracken, Alexandra 1 The Darkest Minds 
Buckley, Michael 1 Heart of the Storm 
Cabot, Meg 1 Royal Crush 
Carson, Rae 1 The Crown of Embers 
Carson, Rae 1 The Bitter Kingdom 
D'Lacey, Chris 1 Dark Wyng 
D'Lacey, Chris 1 The New Age 
Dayton, Arwen Elys 1 Disruptor 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Wail of the Banshee 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Flame of the Dragon 
Dunn, Pintip 1 Remember Yesterday 
Dunn, Pintip 1 Before Tomorrow 
Dunn, Pintip 1 Seize Today 
Emerson, Kevin 1 The Oceans Between Stars 
Emerson, Kevin 1 Last Day on Mars 
Flanagan, John 1 The Battle at Hackham 
Flanagan, John 1 The Tournament at Gorlon 
Green, Tim 1 Football Genious 
Green, Tim 1 Football Champ 
Haddix, Margaret P. 1 In Over Their Heads 
Hartman, Rachel 1 Seraphina 
Hartman, Rachel 1 Shadow Scale 
Houck, Colleen 1 Tiger's Curse 
Houck, Colleen 1 Tiger's Quest 
Hunter, Erin 1 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide 
Kaufman, Amie 1 Gemina 
Khan, Khizr 1 This is Our Constitution 
Khan, Khizr 1 An American Family 
Kim Phuc Phan Tai 1 Fire Road 
Koceich, Matt 1 The Great Flood 
Korman, Gordon 1 Criminal Destiny 
Korman, Gordon 1 Payback 
Law, Jerel 1 Truth Runner 
Law, Jerel 1 Shadow Chaser 
Mead, Richelle 1 The Ruby Circle 
Nelson, Suzanne 1 Donut Go Breaking My Heart 
Nijkamp, Marieke 1 Before I Let Go 
Nijkamp, Marieke 1 This is Where it Ends 
O'Brien, Caragh M. 1 The Keep of Ages 
Patterson, James 1 How I Got Lost In London 
Patterson, James 1 Crazy Horse 
Paver, Michelle 1 The Crocodile Tomb 
Ruby, Laura 1 Bone Gap 
Savage, J. Scott 1 Fire Keep 
Stine, R. L. 1 The Dead Boyfriend 
Stine, R. L. 1 Give Me a K-I-L-L 
Stroud, Jonathan 1 The Empty Grave 
Stroud, Jonathan 1 The Creeping Shadow 
Stroud, Jonathan 1 The Hollow Boy 

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