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Solar Energy related information, projects and puzzles.
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Benavides STEAM Academy

School: Benavides Steam Academy - Grade: K-2
Aurora, Illinois

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  Item Qty Description
10 sided place value 3 Learning Advantage 7429 Place Value Dice (Pack of 12) 
Blue color copy pape 3  
Chewy Tubes Super T 3  
Crayola Color Pencil 3 color pencil class pack 
Crayola Crayon Class 6 thick crayons for kinder students 
Orange color copy pa 6  
Pacon Sentence Stri 3  
Page Proctectors 6  
Pencils 10  
Pink Color copy pape 3  
Post-it chart paper 10  
School Smart Nickel 3 100 pack 
Seat Pockets 3 Sponsored [Sponsored]Tiny Octopus Student Chair Pockets For Classrooms - Books and Supplies Chairback Organizer - Foldable an 
Self Adhesive Dots, 3  
White Cardtock 3  
X-ACTO School Pro Cl 3 pencil shapeners 
X-ACTO School Pro Cl 3 pencil shapeners 
Yellow Copy copy pap 3  

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