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Socorrito Claudio

School: Wimauma Elementary
Wimauma, Florida

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  Item Qty Description
Big Nate 1 Any Big Nate book 
Computer Headphones 22 Any headphones students can use on the computers. 
Computer Microphones 10 USB computer mics will allow my ELL students to practice their English 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 Any Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 
Glue Sticks 30 We need glue sticks to use for our interactive notebooks throughout the year. 
I Survive Book Serie 1 "I Survive" is a book series of natural disasters or tragedies where people have survived. 
Ikea Stools 6 I need stops for my reading table. We are short on chairs at my school. 
Lead for Mechan.Penc 10 We need lead for our mechanical pencils. 
Loose leaf paper 10 We use a LOT of loose leaf paper! 
Mechanical Pencils 30 We need ANY type of mechanical pencils. 
Pillows 10 Pillows for my reading corner 
Wall Pops- Dry Erase 4 Dry erase wall pops will be used for student work. 
Wireless Mice 10 We need wireless mice (PEN STYLE) to have students practice how to manipulate the computer when reading. 

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