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Sara Schumacher

School: Eagle Creek Elementary
Shakopee, Minnesota

  Item Qty Description
Blokus Game 1  
Embroidery Floss 1 Amazon: Large 50 skeins Variety Pack-Indoor recess activity 
Gift Card   Walgreens-Developing Class Photos 
Gift Card   Amazon-Classroom Resources 
Gift Card   Teachers Pay Teachers 
Izzi Game 1  
Locks 4 Master Combination Locks-Practice for MS lockers 
Rubik's Set 2 Amazon: Speed Cube Set, Aitbay Cube Bundle Puzzle Cube (3 Pack) 
Wikki Stix 1 1 pack 
Cat Stax puzzle 1 Amazon/ Target 
Flair Markers 1 1 box of each red and purple for editing kits 
IQ Games 1 ANY: IQ Twist, IQ Link, IQ Fit, IQ Focus 
Jolly Ranchers 1 Large bag for rewards 
Kenetic Sand 1 3 lb. bag 
Lifesaver Mints 1 Large bag for testing 
Magnetic Sticks 1 Amazon: 1 set- Veatree Magnetic Building Sticks 
Mavalus Tape 1 1 inch-Amazon 
Sheet Protectors 1 Clear-1 box/package for writing folders 
Story Cubes 1 Rory's Story Cubes-Amazon 

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