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Melody McGuire

School: Auntie Mame's Child Development Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

  Item Qty Description
Art 3 Materials might include drawing materials (crayons, markers, thick pencils, variety of paper, size/types,painting materials 
Art, part 2 3 tools (scissors, hole punch, tape), staplers for school-age children, three-dimensional materials (play dough, clay with tool 
Art, part 3 3 collage materials (catalogs, magazines, paperscraps, fabric pieces, string, yarn, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, craft sticks). 
Blocks 3 Materials might include different size/types of blocks and accessories such as small people, animals, vehicles, road signs, a 
Blocks, part 2 3 and materials to enhance building, sticks, stones, tape, string, craft sticks, interlocking blocks. 
Brain Smart Choice 10 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/brain-smart-choice-cubes 
Brain State Poster 2 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/conscious-discipline-core/products/brain-state-poster-set 
Bully Proof Book 3 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/school-family/products/creating-the-school-family 
C.D. Group Rug 1 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/large-conscious-discipline-rug-8x12 
C.D. Self-Regulation 10 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/self-regulation-value-pack 
C.D.Summer Institute 1 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/products/conscious-discipline-summer-institute-session-a-2019 
Calming Pillow Set 10 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/calming-pillow-set 
Conscious Discipline 1 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/conscious-discipline-core/products/ecourse-site-license 
Dramatic Play 3 Materials might include dress-up clothes, such as work boots, high heels, a variety of hats, career gear/attire/uniforms, 
Dramatic Play, P2 3 outfits. Other items would also include large pieces of fabric/scarves, child-size play furniture, dishes, pots, pans, dolls 
Dramatic Play, P3 3 play-sets, accessories for dolls, and “props” for different themes,purses, billfolds and multi-cultural 
I Am Breathing 2 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/i-am-safe-breathing-cards 
Math/Numbers 3 Materials might include small objects to count/sort/classify, measuring tools(scales, rulers), numbers/shapes, number games, 
Music and Movement 3 Materials might include audio equipment, variety of tapes/CDs,music boxes, musical toys, and instruments, dance props such a 
Nature and Science 3 Collections of natural items (shells, rocks, flowers, bugs), living plants, pets to care for, science games, toys, magnets, 
Nature and Science 2 3 magnifying glasses, cooking, opportunities, ANY type of STEM related material 
Physical Motor 3 Tumbling Mats, Tricyles, large balls 
Reading 3 Materials might include books, soft washable seating/pillows for use while reading. 
Safe Place Puzzle 5 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/safe-place-poster-set 
School Age Games 7 Board Games, ages 6-11 material includes dramatic play 
School Family Pack 2 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/school-family/products/school-family-deluxe-pack 
Science 3 Infant and Toddler water tables 
Sensory Play 3 Materials might include water, play dough, sand, or similar materials, along with kitchen utensils, measuring containers, 
Sensory Play, Part 2 3 shovel, trough, buckets, small cars and trucks and water-play accessories for pouring, measuring, squeezing, and basting. 
Small Motor 3 Materials might include blocks, puzzles, crayons, pencils, scissors, interlocking blocks and other small building toys, 
Small Motor, Part 2 3 pegboard and pegs, games, counting materials, sorting or classifying materials and containers. 
Star Breathing Tool 11 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/s-t-a-r-breathing-tool 
Stress Star 15 https://shop.consciousdiscipline.com/collections/the-safe-place/products/stress-s-t-a-r 
Teacher Basics 10 Poster Boards, Journals, Index Cards, Whistles 
Technology 10 Desktop computers or laptops for the rooms 
Writing 3 Materials might include writing tools, paper, envelopes, typewriter, letters, numbers. 

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