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About Teacher Wish Lists .com

Since 2005, Teacher Wish Lists is provided freely for use by teachers in schools in the United States. The purpose of a Teacher Wish List is to help teachers with their needs related to classroom items and provides a way for teachers and donors to connect. We are not involved with the purchase or sale of wish list items.

Teacher Wish Lists is sponsored by Southborough Website Design, LLC.

We first developed a wish list application for the Ashland K-12 PTO that is available to all school teachers in Ashland, MA at Ashland K-12 PTO Wish List. The primary purpose of this wish list application, and TeacherWishLists, is to allow teachers to publicize items they need for their classrooms. These are generally items that the teachers need to help our children and are not always affordable within current school budgets. It allows teachers to list anything. Donors can donate new or used items and are only limited by teacher wishes.

More than 30% of the teachers in Ashland utilize the wish list. Because of this popularity we decided to make a more general version available to a wider number of teachers. TeacherWishLists is now available to all schools in the United States.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.


Note that this is NOT http://www.TeacherWishList.com.  There is a bit of confusion with this new website by a different company. Talk to your fellow teachers and potential donors to be sure they come to the correct noncommercial website.  This is the plural www.TeacherWishLists.com, not the singular www.TeacherWishList.com.

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