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Sturtevant, Wisconsin

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Julie ArndtConcordia Lutheran School - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Julie Arndt
dry erase markers 50 multiple colors 
large stamper pads 4 multiple colors 
pencils 100 with eraser tops 
Rebecca BiesanzConcordia Lutheran School - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Rebecca Biesanz
book shelves 2 bookshelves are needed to house our classroom library 
color coded music 25 color coded music for our color coded handbells is needed for our class, it makes music fun to learn and play 
desk chair pockets 25 These hand over the back of the students chair to hold things so the top of the desk is clear for working. 
desktop number lines 25 these number lines stick to the top of the students desk and can be used with a dry erase marker, easy access for extra help 
rug 1 a large rug is needed for our classroom library corner, to help students relax and read 
Melissa Leon
Concordia Lutheran School - Grade: 2 - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Melissa Leon
Magna-tiles 2 The tiles, a perfect indoor recess toy, promote imaginative play and creativity. 
Place Value Puzzles 6 A fun way to practice place value 
Plastic stack stools 1 Flexible seating option for the classroom 
íSmath 3 Math version of Scrabble 

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