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Sturtevant, Wisconsin

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Julie ArndtConcordia Lutheran School - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Julie Arndt
dry erase markers 50 multiple colors 
large stamper pads 4 multiple colors 
pencils 100 with eraser tops 
Sharpies markers 50 Black 
tagboard 40 11x18 or similar 
Korie BaganzConcordia Lutheran School - Grade: Pre-K - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Korie Baganz
3-Hole Punch 1  
Amazon Gift Card   Used regularly for books and other classroom materials 
Barnes&Noble GC   Gift Card 
Food Sets   Melissa & Doug - cupcakes, pizza, ice cream, etc 
HobbyLobby Gift Card    
Learning Resources   Toys from Learning Resources: alphabet, sorting, jumbo animal sets 
Legos   any Lego sets are appreciated 
Magna-Tiles   any magna-tiles set or other brand of the same type 
TPT Gift Card   Teacher's Pay Teachers Website 
Velcro Dots/Strips    
White Card Stock    
Wooden Town Set 1 Melissa & Doug contains cars, street signs, etc for our block area 
Melissa EberhardtConcordia Lutheran School - Grade: Kindergarten - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Melissa Eberhardt
Card Stock 2 Reams 
Cotton Balls 4 Bags for STEM activities 
Craft Sticks 2 Boxes for STEM activities (large and small) 
IPad 3  
MagnaTiles 4 Sets for Morning Work 
Osmo 3  
Petco 10 Gift Card 
Plastic Insects 40 Small for STEM activities 
Playdough 20 Large size tubs 
Pom Poms 20 Packs of smaller size for centers 
Poster Board 4 Packages 
Puzzles 10 Up to 100 pieces 
Q-Tips 3 Boxes for STEM activities 
Target 10 Gift Card 
TeachersPayTeachers 10 Gift Card 
Toothpicks 3 Boxes for STEM activities 
Treasure Box items   Small trinkets to be used for positive reinforcements 
White Yarn 2 For STEM activities 
Heidi FrostConcordia Lutheran School - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Heidi Frost
Amazon gift card 1 So I can pick up resources as needed! 
Clorox Wipes 1  
Dictionaries 25 A classroom set of student dictionaries would be a very helpful resources for the students! 
Disposable cups 50 various sizes are fine 
Electric Sharpener 1  
Paper Plates 50 various sizes are fine 
Pencils 50  
TPT gift certificate 1 Teachers Pay Teachers is a website with wonderful resources! 
Veggie Tales 1 These DVD collections are fantastic resources to reinforce our Bible stories during Religion class. 
Walmart gift card 1 So I can pick up resources as needed! 
Melissa Leon
Concordia Lutheran School - Grade: 2 - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Melissa Leon
Amazon gift card 1 A helpful way to order supplies for the classroom 
Magna-tiles 2 The tiles, a perfect indoor recess toy, promote imaginative play and creativity. 
Markers-Crayola 1  
Place Value Puzzles 4 A great way to practice place value 
Plastic stack stools 1 Flexible seating option for the classroom 
Posterboard-White 5 Used for projects 
Puzzles 1 Used for indoor recess or special occasions 
TPT gift card 1 A way to supplement the curriculum with fun and engaging ideas 
íSmath 2 Math version of Scrabble 
Mrs. MortensonConcordia Lutheran School - Grade: First grade - Sturtevant, WI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Mortenson
Brown felt 8 9x12 sheets 
dowel rods 13 1/8 inch diameter 
Dry erase markers 4 packs of 1 dozen thin tipped 
foam stickers 6 Packages of religious, sports, transportation, or other themes (peel and stick) 
Thin tipped markers 5 packs of 1 dozen 

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