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Solar Energy related information, projects and puzzles.
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East Greenwich, Rhode Island

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Miss WatsonOur Lady of Mercy School - Grade: Pre-Kindergarten - East Greenwich, RI
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Castle Play Set 1 Melissa & Doug 
Castle Wooden blocks 1 Melissa & Doug 
Fairy Tale Floor Puz 1 LakeshoreLearning.com FK213 
Magnet Alpha Builder 1 DiscountSchoolSupply.com #ALPHBLD 
Mouse Paint Kit 1 LakeshoreLearning.com HH651 
Number Pops 1 DiscountSchoolSupply.com #NUMPOPS 
Photo Language Cards 1 DiscountSchoolSupply.com #PICGOTO 
Tegu Wooden Blocks 1 Target 
Build-a-Bouquet 1 LakeshoreLearning.com BT 212 
Flower Counting box 1 LakeshoreLearning.com RR927 
Hand Bells 1 LakeshoreLearning.com LC1189 
Rainbow Balance Clas 1 Melissa & Doug 
Shark Bait 1 Melissa & Doug 
sift&find alpha 1 LakeshoreLearning.com EE256 
Sift&Find Num Sh 1 LakeshoreLearning.com EE784 

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