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Syracuse, New York

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Melissa RyanMerriday School - Syracuse, NY
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Colored Card Stock 2 Colored or white card stock 
Crayola Crayons 10 Any size Crayola Markers 
Crayola Markers 7 Crayola Markers 8-10 pack, thin or thick 
Hand Sanitizer 3 Hand Sanitizer to kill germs on hands 
Head Phones 5 Headphones that have the head band on top, not ear buds 
IPad/ Tablet 3  
Magnetic letters   letters that are magnetic the kind that could be placed on a refrigerator 
Magnetic numbers   numbers that are magnetic that could be placed on a refrigerator 
Magnifying Glasses 10 Magnify small objects to see greater detail 
Pencil Sharpener 1 Electric Pencil sharpener 
Playdoh 10 Any size or color of playdoh 
playdoh toys   Playdoh toys like scissors and rolling pins 
Rulers 10 Plastic or Wooden Rulers 
Safety Goggles 10 Goggles to use while doing science experiements 
Velcro dots 1 Small circular velcro dots to help hold items together that children can take off and replace as needed 

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