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Shakopee, Minnesota

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Kelly BahrkeEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Kelly Bahrke
Fruit Loops 1 1 large box for 100th day of school
graham crackers 6 for gingerbread houses
Kinetic Sand 2 for indoor recess on those cold or rainy days
plastic knives 1 container of knives to spread icing for special days
Walgreens Gift Cards 3 Used to print photos for the students writing books
Jenn BartleyEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jenn Bartley
Alphabet Stamps 1 Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamps
Amazon Gift Card 2 For Classroom Supplies
Extra snack   goldfish, pretzels, animal crackers
Farm Stamps 1 Melissa & Doug My First Farm Stamp Set
Flair Pens   For our writing center
Gel Pens  
Melissa & Doug S  
Michaels Gift Card 1 For craft supplies
Skittles   Large Bag
Smelly Crayons 3 For center work
Smelly Pens  
Vehicle Stamps 1 Melissa & Doug My First Vehicle Stamp Set
Avery Address Label 3 Avery 8160 Labels
Brown Lunch Bags  
Dust Sweep Mop Set 1 Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set
Flair Markers   For Centers
Flashlights 2 Dramatic Play
Foil Star Stickers 3 Art
Nuts & Bolts   Various size of nuts and bolts and washers
Plastic Forks  
Play Walkie Talkies   Dramatic Play
Target Gift Card 2
Lori From
Kindergarten Teacher
Eagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Lori From
Bulk Snacks 1 Extra snacks for kids (goldfish, crackers, graham crackers, etc)
Fleece 3 Fleece for tie blankets-in December
JoAnn Fabrics Gift 1 To purchase fleece for tie blankets-in December
Smelly Stickers 4
Star Stickers 5
box of plastic forks 2 extra snacks/projects
box plastic spoons 2 For extra snacks and art projects
Paper Plates 3 Used for a variety of art projects
SkinnySmelly Markers 2 For reading centers- writing sight words
Smelly Crayons 1 for the art table
Becky GarvinEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Becky Garvin
ABC/Number Stamps 1 Melissa and Doug-Amazon $15.99 Deluxe Wooden Stamp ABC's 123'sSet
Amazon gift card 1 for classroom supplies, books, and games
Candy Construction 2 Candy Construction Building Set- sold on Amazon
Fairy Tales Books 1 Sold on Scholastic- Best Loved Fairy Tales Box Set
Gel Pens 1 A pack of gel pens- example Ink Joy
googly eyes 2 sticky back
Michaels Gift Card 1 for classroom supplies, stickers, etc.
popsicle sticks 1 1 box of regular popsicle sticks- not Jumbo
Stickers 1 Valentine themed
Mrs. Gregory
Math and Reading Teacher
Eagle Creek Elementary - Grade: K-5 - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Gregory
1. Prizes!   Any kind of prizes to motivate students. Used small toys are great! Mini Takis work well too!
Mini Lights 2 For a project for students https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QKWJDHY/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A1I61NFBZSPN6X&;psc=1
Plastic Jars 4 For a project for students https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YBK239V/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_2?smid=A3R9C4ZAWF5EEP&;psc=1
Jenna HennenEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jenna Hennen
Black Expo Markers   For student use in classroom
Black Sharpie Marker   For kids to use on various classroom projects
Board Games   New or gently used board games
Books   New or gently used books for our classroom library
Colored pencils   For our classroom
Jolly Ranchers   rewards
Magna Tiles   For math centers - Amazon
Markers   For our classroom
Michaels Gift Card   Art supplies for the classroom
Pencils   #2 Pencils
Target Gift Card   Classroom supplies
Teachers Pay Teacher   Gif Card
Walmart Gift Card   Classroom supplies
Jennifer JohnsonEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jennifer Johnson
Amazon GC 1 around $25 gift card for books, games
Michaels GC 1 around $25 for craft items
packing tape 1 refill roll
plastic forks 1 box
plastic spoons 2 boxes
shoelaces 10 10 pair of black laces for bead stringing
Walmart GC 1 around $25 gift card for printing photos
Kathy JohnsonEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Kathy Johnson
Clorox wipes 3
CVS gift cards 3 For developing pictures
Ms. LalandEagle Creek Elementary - Grade: 1st Grade - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Ms. Laland
Amazon Gift Card 1 Classroom games/supplies
Clorox Wipes 5
Dot Markers 1 Centers
Elmers Glue Sticks 10 Arts & Crafts
Nonfiction Books 10 Reading
Twistable Crayons 5 5 packs, table supply
Black Expo Markers 20 Student use
Bulk Snacks 2 For students that do not have a snack
Connect 4 1 Math game
Dice 50 Math games
Dominoes 1 Math game
Magna Tiles 2 For student centers
Mr. Sketch Markers 2 Center use
Wooden Pattern Block 1 Math use
Mrs. MooreEagle Creek Elementary - Grade: 4th - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Moore
4x6 note cards 5 colored
5x7 blank note cards 5 white
Amazon gift card  
books   graphic novels for our classroom library (for boys and girls)
bulk snacks   for children who forget one. NO PEANUTS PLEASE
clear packaging tape 2 for sticking tags to student desks and lockers
games   new or used card and board games: Guess Who, Battleship, Yahtzee, etc.
Heavy duty magnets 10 Excellent for hanging posters on the interior windows, on whiteboard, and more.
paper bedding   paper bedding for our class guinea pig
Target gift cards  
Timothy Hay   for our classroom guinea pig
TPT gift card   Teacher Pay Teachers has SO many amazing resources to compliment our curriculum and meet standards
4x6 blank note cards 5 white
Kim NeuEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Kim Neu
Bulk Snack 5 Many kids don't bring a snack and like to have one of their own
Gift Certificates 5 $5 gift certificates for weekly drawings ( DQ, mc donalds, walmart, anywhere kid friendly)
glitter 1 glitter calm down bottles
Headbandz Game  
Lemon Drops 2 candy for tests
Small Iron 1 Kids do fuse beads on breaks and we iron them to take home- calming activity
Snacks 10 Individually wrapped snacks for kids who don't bring one
Battle Ship Game 1 Earned breaks/ indoor recess
BLINK Card Game 2 For Math Center Activities
Chalk 1 For outdoor play
Clipboards 6 Wooden Clipboards- Dollar Store has these!
colorful flair pens   For writing centers and special projects
Connect Four 1 Game for playtime, ours broke and the kids love it!
cotton balls 1 art projects
Cotton Balls   Various art projects
Decks of Playing Car 2 For Math Center Activities
Dice   Used for math games
elmers glue bottles 10 making slime- white or colored glue
Extra Snacks   To keep on hand for students who forget ex. gold fish, pretzels, graham crackers, cheez-its
Glue Sticks 30 For centers and table time
Glue Sticks 8 For centers and table time
Kerplunk Game  
Large popsicle stick   1 box
Lysol Wipes 2 germs ;-)
Mini Basketball Game 1 Table Top -https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JYTH4D7/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&;pd_rd_i=B07JYTH4D7
Napkins 1 For various events throughout the year
Painters Tape 2 All my walls are brick, painters tape helps things stick to the walls
Paper Cups 1 Variety of sizes for various events and activities
PaperPlates 1 For various events throughout the year
Plastic Dinosaurs   For our Paleontologist Dramatic Play Center
Plastic Utensils 1
Playdoh   Great for fine motor activities!
Pony Beads 1 Assorted colors for patterns, fine motor
Table Top Games 1 Klask type game, Table Soccer, Hockey, Pinball for earned breaks
Twistable Crayons   Spicing up the writing center!
Winter Clothes   waterproof gloves and hats for kids who don't have any
Yoga Mat 2 For Partners Reading and Flexible floor seating
Heather OhmannEagle Creek Elementary - Grade: First - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Heather Ohmann
100/200 Piece Puzzle   For math centers
Clorox Wipes 3 To keep the room germ free!
Extra Snacks   For kids who forget snacks
Magna Tiles   For math building centers (any brand is fine!)
Ticonderoga Pencils   They last the longest :)
Jackie SchaafEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jackie Schaaf
4 Way Countdown 2 Board game for math centers
Board games   Any fun games for indoor recess
Checkers   for indoor recess
Expo markers 10
Loose leaf paper 5 For writing
Paper bags 50 Lunch sized, brown or white
Puzzles   for indoor recess
Tempura paint   Various colors
AAA batteries 30 To use in flashlights on Flashlight Friday
Cardstock   White or colored for printing use
Clipboards 6
Extra snack   For students who forget
Sara SchumacherEagle Creek Elementary - Shakopee, MN
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Sara Schumacher
Blokus Game 1
Embroidery Floss 1 Amazon: Large 50 skeins Variety Pack-Indoor recess activity
Gift Card   Teachers Pay Teachers
Gift Card   Walgreens-Developing Class Photos
Gift Card   Amazon-Classroom Resources
Izzi Game 1
Locks 4 Master Combination Locks-Practice for MS lockers
Rubik's Set 2 Amazon: Speed Cube Set, Aitbay Cube Bundle Puzzle Cube (3 Pack)
Wikki Stix 1 1 pack
Cat Stax puzzle 1 Amazon/ Target
Flair Markers 1 1 box of each red and purple for editing kits
IQ Games 1 ANY: IQ Twist, IQ Link, IQ Fit, IQ Focus
Jolly Ranchers 1 Large bag for rewards
Kenetic Sand 1 3 lb. bag
Lifesaver Mints 1 Large bag for testing
Magnetic Sticks 1 Amazon: 1 set- Veatree Magnetic Building Sticks
Mavalus Tape 1 1 inch-Amazon
Sheet Protectors 1 Clear-1 box/package for writing folders
Story Cubes 1 Rory's Story Cubes-Amazon

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