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Gobles, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Loriann Harbaugh
English teacher
Gobles High School - Grade: 7 & 9 - Gobles, MI
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"Romeo&Juli 3 Some of my special education students need an easier copy of "Romeo and Juliet," so No Fear Shakespeare (Shakespear 
Any and all amounts   of anything are greatly appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us! 
Books for teen boys 20 Boys are my hardest group to reach when it comes to reading; they like action & humorous stories. 
Colored PrinterPaper 3 There are times when colored paper is needed to help something stand out. 
CompositionNotebooks 30 I use these for Writer's Notebooks and give a new one to each new student who joins class: notetaking, drafting, warmup 
Fiction book 20 Again, I am always looking for books that will appeal to all my middle school and high school students 
Fun/Crazy stickers 10 Students use to decorate their Writer's Notebooks 
Glue sticks 20 Glue sticks go dry pretty quickly, so I need to replace some from this year 
Hand sanitizer 10 Students and I go through a lot of hand sanitizer during cold and flu season 
Kleenexes!!!! 20 We go through a LOT of Kleenexes during cold and flu season! All year, actually. 
Non-fiction books 20 I always try to keep my classroom library interesting; I am always looking for quality & current non-fiction books for my 
Post-It Notes 3 Post-It Notes, or an off brand, that can stick to things. 
Rolls of packingtape 10 Use to cover Writer's Notebooks so they cannot be easily destroyed; kids decorate covers to make it their own 
Scissors 10 Adult, big scissors, not the child-proof, rounded tip scissors 
Scotch tape 10 Any scotch tape that can be used to anchor papers into a Writer's Notebook or repair a torn page 
Scrapbook paper 2 Students use to decorate their Writer's Notebooks 
Stickers/Letters 10 Students use to decorate their Writer's Notebooks 
Mrs. IvesterGobles Elementary - Grade: 4th Grade - Gobles, MI
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Karaoke Microphone 1 Gold Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. Amazon 
Laminating Sheets 1 Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4 -Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack 
Novel 1 Gerties Leap to Greatness 
Novel 1 Hour of the Bees 
Novel 1 Where the Watermelons Grow 
Picture Book 1 Beautiful Oops 
Picture Book 1 Derek Jeter Presents Night at the Stadium 
Picture Book 1 Enemy Pie 
Nancy Lumbert
MS/HS Library
Gobles High School - Gobles, MI
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Albertalli, Becky 1 Simon vs the Homosapiens 
Bass, Guy 1 The Beast of Grubber's Nubbin 
Bass, Guy 1 The Monster HUnter 
Bergin, Virginia 1 Who Runs the World? 
Bialik, Mayim 1 Girling Up 
Cabot, Meg 1 Royal Crown 
Cabot, Meg 1 Royal Crush 
Cast, P. C. 1 Wind Rider 
Clare, Gwendolyn 1 Ink, Iron and Glass 
D'Lacey, Chris 1 The New Age 
David-Hutchinson, Sh 1 We are the Ants 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Wail of the Banshee 
Donbavand, Tommy 1 Flame of the Dragon 
Dunn, Pintip 1 Before Tomorrow 
Emerson, Kevin 1 The Oceans Between Stars 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender Game 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender Secret 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender Lie 
Furniss, Clare 1 The Year of the Rat 
Gibbs, Stuart 1 Spy School Goes South 
Green, Tim 1 Football Champ 
Haddix, Margaret P. 1 The Summer of Broken Things 
Haddix, Margaret Pet 1 Children of Jubilee 
Hartman, Rachel 1 Tess of the Road 
Hartman, Rachel 1 Tess of the Road 
Houck, Colleen 1 Tiger's Dream 
Houck, Colleen 1 Reignited 
Hunter, Erin 1 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide 
James, Lauren 1 The Last Beginning 
James, Lauren 1 The Lonliest Girl in the Universe 
Johnson, Terry Lynn 1 Dust Storm! 
Kaufman, Amie 1 Undying 
Kaufman, Amie 1 Obsidio 
Kaufman, Amie 1 Gemina 
Kirby, Jessi 1 The Secret History of Us 
Korman, Gordon 1 Payback 
Korman, Gordon 1 Criminal Destiny 
Law, Jerel 1 Truth Runner 
Law, Jerel 1 Shadow Chaser 
Lippert-Martin, Kris 1 Incognita 
Maniscalco, Kerri 1 Stalking Jack the Ripper 
Myracle, Lauren 1 The Backward Season 
Patterson, James 1 Crazy Horse 
Patterson, James 1 How I Got Lost In London 
Paver, Michelle 1 Warrior Bronze 
Rachel, Alice 1 Under Ground 
Sands, Kevin 1 Call of the Wraith 
Savage, J. Scott 1 Fire Keep 
Stine, R. L. 1 Give Me a K-I-L-L 
Stroud, Jonathan 1 The Hollow Boy 
Stroud, Jonathan 1 The Creeping Shadow 
Stroud, Jonathan 1 The Empty Grave 
Sugg, Joe 1 Username: Uprising 
Suvada, Emily 1 This Cruel Design 
Tintera, Amy 1 Avenged 
Veronica PearsonGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Veronica Pearson
batteries 5 packs of AAA 
construction paper 2 pks, white; 9X12 
construction paper 2 pk, black; 9X12 
crayons, 16pk 30  
dry erase markers 25 6pk multi color, fat or thin dry erase markers 
index cards 30 white and plain, packs 
pencils 15 #2 Ticonderoga, preferred, multi packs 
Stacy ThorpeGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Stacy Thorpe
Amazon Wishlist   link: http://a.co/bigYlBK 
Construction Paper 1 Multi colors 
Disinfectant Wipes 3  
EXPO Markers 1 Package 
Giftcard   Dollar General, Walmart, Family Dollar, Amazon (snacks and incentives for students) 
Hand Sanitizer 4  
Kleenex 9  
Spiral Notebooks 20  
Velcro 1  

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