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Gobles, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Veronica Blaschka Peterson
History & English Education
Gobles Middle School - Grade: 7, 8, 10 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Veronica Blaschka Peterson
Amazon Gift Card 1 Buy non-fiction books for the individual unit with the seniors. I usually buy their books for them when they cannot afford it 
Arcylic Paint 3 Orange Blue 
Composition Notebook 100 The comp books that have that black sewn together binding. They are usually 25 cents. 
Spray Paint 8 Clear coat, orange, blue, black, gold, white. 
Stapler 1 They break often 
tape 3 duct tape, gorilla tape, packaging tape 
Carrie Butler
MS/HS Art teacher
Gobles High School - Grade: 7-12 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Carrie Butler
Brushes 72 Any type of mid-high quality brush 
Colored Pencils 48 24 Color Sets (or larger) of Crayola or Prismacolor brand preferred 
Fan Brushes 24 For Oil Painting 
India Ink 24 small jars or larger jars for refilling what I have 
Masking Tape 48 1" or wider 
Metallic Col Pencils 200  
Miskit 12 For Watercolor paintings 
Neon Colored Pencils 200  
Pastels 12 portrait or landscape color sets 
Punches 36 larger geometric shapes - not picture'ish 
Rubber Cement 48 Individual jars or quarts/gallons for refilling jars. 
Sharpie Markers 72 Black fine and/or regular point 
Tortillons/blenders 144 any size 
Tracing Templates 48 large geometric shapes 
White Tagboard 999 12 x 18 tagboard or larger 
Lisa CapponGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Lisa Cappon
Dry Erase Markers 600 Chisel Tip - Any color 
Erin CarlinGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Erin Carlin
Aluminum foil 3 Used for student labs 
Batteries (All Types   For various electronics and electromagnetic labs 
First Aid Kit 1 Classroom 
Hand Sanitize 1 Classroom 
Posterboard or poste   Used for student presentaions 
Solar Calculators 16 Any type for student calculations 
String   Needed for student labs 
Tissues   Classroom 
Rebecca DraytonGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Rebecca Drayton
AAA Batteries 30  
Aluminum Foil 5 Aluminum foil is used in several labs 
balloons 30 round balloons are needed for labs 
mixing bowls 6 needed for life skills class 
pencils 50  
Performance Tool Kit 1 vexrobotics.com item 276-1645 
stapler 3  
String 5 String is used for lab activities 
thread 15 various colors for student projects 
Village Market 1 gift card ($5-$10) for small items 
yarn 15 various colors for student projects 
Loriann Harbaugh
English teacher
Gobles High School - Grade: 7 & 9 - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Loriann Harbaugh
Colored PrinterPaper 3 There are times when colored paper is needed to help something stand out. 
Hand sanitizer 10 Students and I go through a lot of hand sanitizer during cold and flu season 
Kleenexes!!!! 20 We go through a LOT of Kleenexes during cold and flu season! All year, actually. 
Post-It Notes 3 Post-It Notes, or an off brand, that can stick to things. 
Rolls of packingtape 10 Use to cover Writer's Notebooks so they cannot be easily destroyed; kids decorate covers to make it their own 
Scotch tape 10 Any scotch tape that can be used to anchor papers into a Writer's Notebook or repair a torn page 
Leah HermanGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Leah Herman
Color Copy Paper 2 I use color copy paper for tests and quizzes rather than white. 
Construction Paper 20 Assorted Colors 
Head Phones 5 Not all students can afford them, but we use them all the time. I don't have enough for the ones without them. 
Kleenex 50 I can't keep up with the kleenex needs in my room. 
Wipes 15 Use for clean up and spills 
Mrs. IvesterGobles Elementary - Grade: 4th Grade - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Mrs. Ivester
Gift Card 5 Teacher Pay Teachers 
Karaoke Microphone 1 Gold Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. Amazon 
Laminating Sheets 1 Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4 -Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack 
Novel 1 Where the Watermelons Grow 
Novel 1 Gerties Leap to Greatness 
Novel 1 Hour of the Bees 
Paper 4 Astrobrights Colored Cardstock Paper 
Pens for Students 1 Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point (0.7mm), Assorted Colors, 24 Count 
Picture Book 1 How to Read a Book 
Nancy Lumbert
MS/HS Library
Gobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Nancy Lumbert
Bergin, Virginia 1 Who Runs the World? 
Brunskill, Amelia 1 The Window 
Cabot, Meg 1 Royal Crown 
Ee, Susan 1 Cinder and the Prince of Midnight 
Fahey, James 1 Drowned Tomb 
Fahey, James 1 Isle of Winds 
Fahey, James 1 Chains of Gaia 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender Lie 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender War 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender Secret 
Forrest, Bella 1 The Gender Game 
Furniss, Clare 1 The Year of the Rat 
Galloway, Ryan 1 Biome 
Gibbs, Stuart 1 Spy School Goes South 
Green, Tim 1 Grand Slam 
Haddix, Margaret p. 1 The Strangers 
Houck, Colleen 1 Tiger's Dream 
Houck, Colleen 1 Reignited 
Hunter, Erin 1 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide 
Kaufman, Amie 1 This Shattered World 
Kaufman, Amie 1 Scorched Dragons 
Kaufman, Amie 1 These Broken Stars 
Kaufman, Amie 1 Their Fractured Light 
Kirby, Jessi 1 Golden 
Kirby, Jessi 1 The Other Side of Lost 
Korman, Gordon 1 Payback 
Korman, Gordon 1 Criminal Destiny 
Law, Jerel 1 Shadow Chaser 
Law, Jerel 1 Truth Runner 
Lowry, Kathryn 1 The Portal 
Maniscalco, Kerri 1 Hunting Prince Dracula 
Maniscalco, Kerri 1 Escaping From Houdini 
Murphy, Julie 1 Dear Sweet Pea 
Nolan, Eliza 1 The Fire Within 
Nolan, Eliza 1 Phoenix Awakens 
Nolan, Eliza 1 From the Ashes 
Patterson, James 1 The 18th Abduction 
Patterson, James 1 How I Got Lost In London 
Pearson, Ridley 1 Unforseen 
Rachel, Alice 1 Under Ground 
Savage, J. Scott 1 Fire Keep 
Schroeder, Lisa 1 My Secret Guide to Paris 
Schroeder, Lisa 1 Falling For You 
Schroeder, Lisa 1 Sealed With a Secret 
Schroeder, Lisa 1 The Day Before 
Scieszka, Jon 1 F. Einstein and the Time-Space Zapper 
Skye, Obert 1 Wizard For Hire 
Skye, Obert 1 Apprentice Needed 
Sugg, Joe 1 Username: Uprising 
Taylor, Laini 1 Silksinger 
Watson, Jude 1 A Warp in Time 
Westerfeld, Scott 1 The Broken Vow 
Westerfeld, Scott 1 The Spill Zone 
Westerfeld, Scott 1 Spill Night 
White, J. A. 1 Well of Witches 
Sarah MaxwellGobles Public Schools - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Sarah Maxwell
Canned fruit 20 Off brand is fine. Aldi is cheapest. Will add to my emergency food pantry 
Dog Treats 2 treat packs for our Therapy Dogs Zukes Mini Naturals Duck Recipe 
Elmers Glue 1 Gallon jug of Elmers used to make slime 
Garnola Bars 2 Any brand-used for kids who arrive late hungry 
Kleenex 5 Off brand is fine 
Lysol wipes 5 Off brand is fine 
Men's Deodorant 25 Any brand male scented deodorant ( I have plenty of female) 
Shaving Cream 1 Off brand is fine (foaming kind used to make slime) 
Spaghetti 10 Off brand noodles and sauce is fine. Will add to my emergency food pantry 
Underware 2 packs of boys or girls size 4/5 underware 
Melinda O'RourkeGobles Elementary - Grade: 4th - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Melinda O'Rourke
Balance ball base 4 Have balls for students to help with energy level, but balls roll around. A base would help support. 
Small White boards 5 Use for instruction warn ups. Many have broken and I do not have enough for all students. 
expo markers 30 use daily for math warm ups 
Veronica PearsonGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Veronica Pearson
#2 pencils   ticonderoga preferred 
1 subject notebooks 20 wide ruled preferred but not necessary 
chapstick lip balm 20 in packs or singles/any flavor or brand 
construction paper 1 9x12in multi-color 
crayola water colors 20 paints with small brush 
dry erase markers 6 thick, any color or brand 
earbuds or ear phone 10 cheap for chromebooks (computer) 
index cards 10 3x5in, white, 100/pack 
plain folders 10 any color 
tag board 1 plain (vanilla or white) 12X9in. 
Sarah PetersenGobles Elementary - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Sarah Petersen
Dry erase clipboards 35 Dry erase clipboards 
Dry erase markers 100 Fine tip, any color 
Headphones 10 Headphones. Lots of students don't have any. 
Place Value Disks 600 8 values, pack of 200 (need 3 sets) 
Stacy ThorpeGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Stacy Thorpe
Amazon Wishlist   link: http://a.co/bigYlBK 
Disinfectant Wipes 3  
EXPO Markers 1 Package 
Giftcard   Dollar General, Walmart, Family Dollar, Amazon (snacks and incentives for students) 
Hand Sanitizer 4  
Kleenex 9  
Shaina TuberganGobles Middle School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Shaina Tubergan
Clay 5 packs of multicolored clay for our maker space room (can be bought at the dollar store) 
Disinfectant wipes 5 to wipe tables and disinfect areas in the classroom 
hand sanitizer 5 5 bottles of hand sanitizer for the year to help with germs. 
kleenex 5 for students with runny noses 
paper towel 5 for cleaning the classroom and messes 
Pencils 60 For students to complete work 
Scrapbook Paper Pack 2 To display student work 
stapler 2 durable stapler for students to use 
Trapper Keepers 3 To help students stay organized 
White Card Stock 1 to display and print student work on. 
Andrea WhiteGobles High School - Gobles, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Andrea White
dry erase markers   black, chisel tip 
kleenex   any 
Note cards   lined or unlined 3x5 or half size 
pencils   #2 
printer paper   plain white 
white out   pen style 

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