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Byron Center, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Jessica BeVier
St. Mary's Visitation Catholic School - Grade: Preschool - Byron Center, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jessica BeVier
buttons 100 an assortment of buttons for crafts 
Gift Certificate 1 Gift Certificate for Teachers Pay Teachers 
paint dabbers 10 AKA bingo markers - The kids love art supplies 
plastic string beads 5 packages 
play dough 15 mini or big 
small prizes 50 for prize bucket 
wooden string beads 3 packages 
band aids 2 boxes 
band aids 3 boxes 
Cotton Balls 150  
dice 10 regular dot ones 
dif size googly eyes 100  
dixie cups 500 small paper drinking cups for snack time 
glue sticks 10  
paper 500 white, colored, construction, or printing paper - any will do! 
paper bowls 50  
paper cups 50  
paper plates 50 Paper only please - they are easier to paint on 
plastic cups 50 clear plastic cups 
plastic knives 30  
plastic spoons 100  
Q tips 150  
reward prizes 50 Small items to use as rewards for good behavior/choices 
shaving cream 3 cans 
shaving cream 4  
small lunch bags 50 to use as a craft white or brown 
sponges 10 to use as a craft 
white paper plates 100  
Samantha HoekstraSt. Mary's Visitation Catholic School - Byron Center, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Samantha Hoekstra
Band aids 1  
book shelf 1 Short book shelf to make a reading corner 
Books 1 Books - Sisters, Smile, Ghost 
Books on Cd   Various Books on cd for Listening station 
Card Stock   Colorful Card stock 
Color Ink Refills 1 Refills for HP printer # 933 of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow #932 Black 
Gift Card   Teacherspayteachers.com 
Index card box 1 For Word Wall Word storage 
Index card dividers 1 Divider for the words in the word wall storage box 
Pencils 50 mechanical pencils 
Plastic Spoons   1 pk of Plastic spoons 
ST. Nicholas DVD 1 Nicholas:The boy who became Santa 
Ziplock Bags 1 Sandwich size 
Ziplock Bags 1 Gallon size 

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