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Byron Center, Michigan

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Jessica BeVier
St. Mary's Visitation Catholic School - Grade: Preschool - Byron Center, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jessica BeVier
band aids 3 boxes 
dixie cups 500 small paper drinking cups for snack time 
Gift Certificate 1 Gift Certificate for Teachers Pay Teachers 
plastic knives 30  
plastic spoons 100  
reward prizes 50 Small items to use as rewards for good behavior/choices 
sponges 10 to use as a craft 
band aids 2 boxes 
Cotton Balls 150  
dice 10 regular dot ones 
dif size googly eyes 100  
paper bowls 50  
paper cups 50  
paper plates 50 Paper only please - they are easier to paint on 
plastic cups 50 clear plastic cups 
Q tips 150  
shaving cream 4  
small lunch bags 50 to use as a craft white or brown 
Samantha HoekstraSt. Mary's Visitation Catholic School - Byron Center, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Samantha Hoekstra
Band aids 1  
book shelf 1 Short book shelf to make a reading corner 
Books 1 Books - Sisters, Smile, Ghost 
Books on Cd   Various Books on cd for Listening station 
Card Stock   Colorful Card stock 
Color Ink Refills 1 Refills for HP printer # 933 of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow #932 Black 
Gift Card   Teacherspayteachers.com 
Index card box 1 For Word Wall Word storage 
Index card dividers 1 Divider for the words in the word wall storage box 
Pencils 50 mechanical pencils 
Plastic Spoons   1 pk of Plastic spoons 
Ziplock Bags 1 Sandwich size 
Ziplock Bags 1 Gallon size 
Jill LewisSt. Mary's Visitation Catholic School - Byron Center, MI
Print this Wish List   -   Contact Jill Lewis
Battleship game 1  
Bingo blotters 10 10-15, variety of colors 
book 2 "Snow Dog, Go Dog" by Deborah Heiligman (2 copies) 
book 2 "One Cool Friend" by Toni Buzzeo (2 copies) 
book 2 "Super Snow Day" by Michael Garland (2 copies) 
book 1 "Pigsty" by Mark Teague (1 or 2 copies) 
colored pencils 10 several packs of colored pencils for use in class 
glitter glue 30 glitter glue of different colors/varities 
scissors 10 kid-sized scissors 
TPT gift certificate   Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificates to purchase educational activities for the classroom. Any amount. 
books with CD 15 2 copies of each book w/one CD (appropriate for 1st grade) 
crayons, etc 3 Large pack of crayons, colored pencils, and markers 
magnetic border 5 border to use on the magnetic white board, different varieties 

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