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Indianapolis, Indiana

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Kasha HaydenIgnite Achievement Academy - Indianapolis, IN
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Binoculars 2 Any quantity. New or used for outside observation. 
Bird Suet 4 Any quantity for observation and data collection center. 
Books 100 Picture books with African, African American or Latino characters. Check to see if we already have it. 
Composition Notebook 46 Any quantity for Reading and Writing Journals 
Crayola crayons 20 Any quantity. Granola is less waxy and colors better. 
Disinfectant Spray 1 Any quantity 
Expo Dry Erase Marke 1 Any quantity and color. 
Glue sticks 10 Any quantity. 
Gold Butcher Paper 1 Any amount of butcher paper for bulletin boards. Available at United Art and Education 
Green Butcher Paper 1 Any amount of butcher paper to change out bulletin boards. Available at United Art and Education. 
Green- Book Bins 8 Any quantity for chapter books in classroom library. www.stepstoliteracy.com/plastic-book-boxes-primary-colors-16433 
Green- Book Box 12 Any quantity for picture books in classroom library. goo.gl/Rj5zEK 
Hand sanitizer 1 Any size and quantity. 
Live Green Plants 4 Any quantity for classroom library and science center. 
Math manipulatives 1 Beans, Base 10 blocks, Cuisennaire rods, counters, etc. 
No Mess Bird Seed 1 Any quantity of Bird Seed for outside observation and data collection center. 
Post it notes 1 Any quantity for student note taking in books and brainstorming. 
Rulers 10 Any quantity. Foot or yard stick. 0 
Snacks 1 Any quantity of nonperishable, low sugar snacks. 
Ticonderoga Pencils 100 Any quantity. Short or long. Ticinderoga sharpens better and resist breaking 

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