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Birmingham, Alabama

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Teacher Item Qty Description
Tanya McDonaldBanks Academy Christian High School - Birmingham, AL
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Algebra 2/w Trig bks 25 Algebra 2/w Trig Textbooks and Teacher Edition & workbooks 
binder clips 100 Binder clips of various sizes 
color copy paper 10 10 reams of color copy paper (pastels and primary) 
compass 25  
composition notebook 50 Composition notebooks to help the need of students 
Discrete Math books 10 Discrete Math Textbooks and Teacher Edition with workbooks 
Dry Erase Markers 20 Assorted Colors 
Elmo 1 This item is needed to help with technology/teaching 
GraphingCalculators 25 Graphing Calculators for a class of 25 
Markers 25 Need 25 box of assorted markers for projects 
paper clips 100 Clips of all sizes 
Pencils 300  
Podium 1  
PreCalculus Books 25 PreCalculus Textbooks and Teacher Edition and workbooks 
printer/copier 1 small printer/copier for my classroom 
Promethean Board 1 This item is needed to help with technology/teaching 
protractors 25  
scissors 25  
stapler machine 1  
sticky note pads 50 Sticky note pads of assorted colors and sizes 
thumb drives 50  

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