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Dedra Watt

School: I.M. Terrell Elementary School
Fort Worth, Texas

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  Item Qty Description
#2 Pencils 200 #2 pencils needed 
Construction Paper 20 Colorful construction paper 
Crayons 100 100 boxes of crayons 
Document Camera 1 1 classroom document camera 
Dry Erase Markers 10 10 boxes of dry erase markers 
Folders 100 Pocket folders 
Glue 100 Glue sticks or bottles 
Manila Drawing Paper 20 Manila drawing paper 
Mini dry erasers 50 50 mini dry erase erasers 
Notebooks 100 Spiral or Composition Notebooks 
Sharpener 1 1 classroom electric sharpener 
Staplers 2 2 staplers 
Ziplock bags 20 20 boxes of large and sandwich size ziplock bags 

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