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Solar Energy related information, projects and puzzles.
Science Projects

Cassandra Ernst

School: Eagle Creek Elementary
Shakopee, Minnesota

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  Item Qty Description
Amazon Gift Card   Classroom resources 
Blokus   Math games 
Dice   Math games 
Flair Felt Tip Pens   box of 12 - red, green, blue, purple 
Jolly Ranchers   Used for rewards 
Legos   Indoor recess 
Lifesaver Mints   Used for testing 
Magna-Tiles   Math games 
Walgreens Gift Card   Develop class photos 
Walmart Gift Card   Classroom resources 
Whiteboard Markers   Student use 
Brown Lunch Bags   Used for field trips 
Connect 4   Indoor recess 
Jenga   Indoor recess 
Mancala   Indoor recess 
Yahtzee   Indoor recess 

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