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Carrie Butler, MS/HS Art teacher

School: Gobles High School - Grade: 7-12
Gobles, Michigan

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  Item Qty Description
Acrylic Paint 75 any color - tubes preferred to jars 
Brushes 72 Any type of mid-grade/quality brush 
Colored Inks 36 Dr. Martin's brand, Higgin's or similar 
Colored Pencils 48 24 Color Sets (or larger) of Crayola or Prismacolor brand 
Fan Brushes 24 For Oil Painting 
India Ink 24 small jars or larger jars for refilling what I have 
Masking Tape 48 1" or wider 
Metallic Col Pencils 200  
Miskit 12 For Watercolor paintings 
Neon Colored Pencils 200  
Oil Paint 999 any color, any size tube, Windsor Newton preferred 
Punches 36 larger geometric shapes - not picture'ish 
Rubber Cement 48 Individual jars or quarts/gallons for refilling jars. 
Scratchboards 24 quality for advanced students 
Sharpie Markers 48 Black fine and/or regular point 
Tracing Templates 48 large geometric shapes 
White Tagboard 999 18 x 24 
White Tagboard 999 12 x 18 tagboard or larger 

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