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Mrs. Lower

School: Gobles Elementary - Grade: DK
Gobles, Michigan

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  Item Qty Description
Alphabet Pony beads   Used for variety of projects 
Aluminum foil   Used for craft projects 
Baby food containers   Empty plastic baby food containers and lids, usually rectangle shaped for crafts 
box tops   box tops for education off various food & household products 
Buttons   Any type of buttons (even used buttons) for craft projects 
Crystal light contai   Empty crystal light containers with lids (any drink mix container would work) 
Frosting containers   Empty plastic frosting containers with lids 
Hand soap containers   Empty hand soap or hand sanitizer plastic bottles with pumps for paint storage 
Kleenex boxes   Empty kleenex boxes for craft projects 
Laundry detergent li   Lids from liquid laundry detergent bottles 
Laundry detergent sc   Scoops from powder laundry detergent 
Parmesan cheese cont   Empty plastic parmesan cheese containers with lids for crafts 
Pipe cleaners   Any type of pipe cleaners for various projects 
Plastic wrap   Such as saran wrap used for craft projects 
Pony beads   Any pony beads for crafts 
Scotch tape   Refill rolls for dispensers 
Spice jars   Empty plastic spice jars with lids for crafts 
Storage bags   Any size needed of ziploc storage type bags 
Straws   Any type of straws for various projects 
Washi tape   Any color or patterns for craft projects 

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