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Julie Boes, Technology Teacher

School: Gobles Elementary - Grade: K-5
Gobles, Michigan

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  Item Qty Description
colored markers 60  
colored pencils 60  
comp web cam w/mic 3 desktop computer webcam with mic for technology video projects (amazon) 
digital video record 2 kids digital video recorder to make simple short videos, usb connection 
glue gun 1  
glue sticks 10  
glue sticks 10  
green long socks 6 used for hiding arms during video making 
green paint 1 used for painting a green screen onto wall 
green table cloth 2 provides a green screen for video taping 
Ipad stand 3 stand to hold Ipad while video taping (Amazon) 
masking tape 4  
pencil top erasers 50  
pencils 60  
play doh 5 create characters for videos 
poster board 6 any color, larger size 
puppets   any size, anything, for making videos 
stickers 50 any stickers to use as a reward for students 
tissues 4  
utility basket 3 square, cloth, basket to use as a quiet spot to video tape 
video recorder 1 kid friendly (Amazon) used to create longer videos 
white board cleaner 2  
white board markers 6  

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