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Mrs. Kolbe

School: Central Montcalm Elementary - Grade: 1st Grade
Sheridan, Michigan

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  Item Qty Description
AAA batteries   for hot dot pens 
Baskets 30 For each student to keep books in 
Board Games   Any young learner board games 
Book Tape 3 To repair and reinforce any books 
Card Stock    
Clorox Wipes    
Dry Erase Boards 30 Student sized - Magnetic (if possible) 
Electric Pencils Sha 1  
Expo Markers   Small width for little hands 
Folders 30 with 3 prong middle inserts 
Glue Sticks 30  
Head phones 10 For Listening Centers and Computers 
Inside Recess Stuff   Anything students could build or play with on rainy days. Legos, matchbox cars, board games, Card games, 
ipad 5 Small Group/Individual Tech time 
Kleenex 10  
Number Bingo 1 Game for 1st graders 
storage totes   various sizes with lids for storage 
Tag Board    
Ziploc Bags 5 Sandwich size with seal 
Ziploc Bags 5 Gallon Size 
Flash Drives 10  
Pencil Boxes 30  

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