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Kara Heslinga, special education teacher

School: Lincoln School - Grade: SXI/MOCI
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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  Item Qty Description
baking mixes   for weekly cooking activities (peanut free only, please) 
books on CD   elementary to middle school age-appropriate books/stories on CD for listening and literacy activities 
card stock   white, 8 1/2 x 11 size, for printing materials that need to be more durable than on regular paper 
construction paper   all colors, large and small sizes - for various art projects throughout the year 
disposable gloves -M   school provides disposable gloves, but medium sized are a hot commodity and often out of stock (latex free only, please) 
electric hand mixer 1 for cooking activities (used is fine) 
glue sticks   used almost daily for academic and art activities 
kleenex   the school-issued kleenex is less than kind to noses :) 
magazines   any school-appropriate old magazines with color pictures 
washcloths 10 for personal care, life skills and cleaning tasks (used but clean are fine!) 

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