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Ms. Laland

School: Eagle Creek Elementary - Grade: 1st Grade
Shakopee, Minnesota

  Item Qty Description
Amazon Gift Card 1 Classroom games/supplies 
Clorox Wipes 5  
Dot Markers 1 Centers 
Elmers Glue Sticks 10 Arts & Crafts 
Nonfiction Books 10 Reading 
Twistable Crayons 5 5 packs, table supply 
Black Expo Markers 20 Student use 
Bulk Snacks 2 For students that do not have a snack 
Connect 4 1 Math game 
Dice 50 Math games 
Dominoes 1 Math game 
Magna Tiles 2 For student centers 
Mr. Sketch Markers 2 Center use 
Wooden Pattern Block 1 Math use 

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