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Kim Neu

School: Eagle Creek Elementary
Shakopee, Minnesota

  Item Qty Description
Bulk Snack 5 Many kids don't bring a snack and like to have one of their own 
Gift Certificates 5 $5 gift certificates for weekly drawings ( DQ, mc donalds, walmart, anywhere kid friendly) 
glitter 1 glitter calm down bottles 
Headbandz Game    
Lemon Drops 2 candy for tests 
Small Iron 1 Kids do fuse beads on breaks and we iron them to take home- calming activity 
Snacks 10 Individually wrapped snacks for kids who don't bring one 
Battle Ship Game 1 Earned breaks/ indoor recess 
BLINK Card Game 2 For Math Center Activities 
Chalk 1 For outdoor play 
Clipboards 6 Wooden Clipboards- Dollar Store has these! 
colorful flair pens   For writing centers and special projects 
Connect Four 1 Game for playtime, ours broke and the kids love it! 
Cotton Balls   Various art projects 
cotton balls 1 art projects 
Decks of Playing Car 2 For Math Center Activities 
Dice   Used for math games 
elmers glue bottles 10 making slime- white or colored glue 
Extra Snacks   To keep on hand for students who forget ex. gold fish, pretzels, graham crackers, cheez-its 
Glue Sticks 8 For centers and table time 
Glue Sticks 30 For centers and table time 
Kerplunk Game    
Large popsicle stick   1 box 
Lysol Wipes 2 germs ;-) 
Mini Basketball Game 1 Table Top -https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JYTH4D7/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07JYTH4D7 
Napkins 1 For various events throughout the year 
Painters Tape 2 All my walls are brick, painters tape helps things stick to the walls 
Paper Cups 1 Variety of sizes for various events and activities 
PaperPlates 1 For various events throughout the year 
Plastic Dinosaurs   For our Paleontologist Dramatic Play Center 
Plastic Utensils 1  
Playdoh   Great for fine motor activities! 
Pony Beads 1 Assorted colors for patterns, fine motor 
Table Top Games 1 Klask type game, Table Soccer, Hockey, Pinball for earned breaks 
Twistable Crayons   Spicing up the writing center! 
Winter Clothes   waterproof gloves and hats for kids who don't have any 
Yoga Mat 2 For Partners Reading and Flexible floor seating 

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