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Kim Neu

School: Eagle Creek Elementary
Shakopee, Minnesota

  Item Qty Description
Battle Ship Game 1 Earned breaks/ indoor recess 
Bulk Snack 5 Many kids don't bring a snack and like to have one of their own 
Headbandz Game    
Kerplunk Game    
Life Saver Mints 1  
Mini Basketball Game 1 Table Top -https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JYTH4D7/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07JYTH4D7 
Moon Sand 1 Breaks / Calming 
Prizes 1 Small Prizes for upper Elementary- smencils, packs of gum, silly putty 
Shut the Box Game 1 Breaks 
Snacks 10 Individually wrapped snacks for kids who don't bring one 
Table Top Games 1 Klask type game, Table Soccer, Hockey, Pinball for earned breaks 
BLINK Card Game 2 For Math Center Activities 
Chalk 1 For outdoor play 
Clipboards 6 Wooden Clipboards- Dollar Store has these! 
colorful flair pens   For writing centers and special projects 
Connect Four 1 Game for playtime, ours broke and the kids love it! 
Cotton Balls   Various art projects 
cotton balls 1 art projects 
Decks of Playing Car 2 For Math Center Activities 
Dice   Used for math games 
elmers glue bottles 10 making slime- white or colored glue 
Extra Snacks   To keep on hand for students who forget ex. gold fish, pretzels, graham crackers, cheez-its 
glitter 1 glitter calm down bottles 
Glue Sticks 8 For centers and table time 
Glue Sticks 30 For centers and table time 
Large popsicle stick   1 box 
Lysol Wipes 2 germs ;-) 
Napkins 1 For various events throughout the year 
Painters Tape 2 All my walls are brick, painters tape helps things stick to the walls 
Paper Cups 1 Variety of sizes for various events and activities 
PaperPlates 1 For various events throughout the year 
Plastic Dinosaurs   For our Paleontologist Dramatic Play Center 
Plastic Utensils 1  
Playdoh   Great for fine motor activities! 
Pony Beads 1 Assorted colors for patterns, fine motor 
Twistable Crayons   Spicing up the writing center! 
Winter Clothes   waterproof gloves and hats for kids who don't have any 
Yoga Mat 2 For Partners Reading and Flexible floor seating 

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