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Vicki Smith

School: Mildred B Janson Elementary
Rosemead, California

  Item Qty Description
Cardstock 5 2 white, pink, blue, green, yellow to print center activities so they will last longer. 
Composition books 25 various colors with lined paper inside for journal writing 
Copy paper 3 Cases for copying center recording sheets and various papers throughout the year. 
DVD/VCR player 1 To use videos and dvd's in my classroom 
Kindergarten Smorgas 1 Any amount will help me purchase curriculum items and differentiated centers for my classroom. 
Learning Alive Plus 1 Reading/Math kit with augmented reality. Alive Studiosco.com 
Office Depot/Post It 2 medium or large Plain chart paper that comes in a cardboard holder with a dry erase board on one side and stickypaper inside 
Rugs Alive 2 Oval (12') and small circle. The rugs correspond to the Learning Alive Kit . 
Sit Spots 2 Sit spots are to help make learning fun and stick to the carpet very well. The sight word pack and then a unprinted pack 
Tubs from Lakeshore 20 Tubs for my classroom library 
XL74 XL75 Ink 3 For my printer so I can print differentiated centers with colorful graphics. 

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